KUT’s Ben Philpott and the Texas Tribune’s Jay Root wind up the podcast with a quick look at how President-elect Donald Trump’s victory affects Texas. They’ll go down the list of Texans in line for spots in the Trump administration. And they’ll chat about how journalism could/should change after this election.

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This week, the polls have gotten so close that it looks like the assumed Clinton victory is more of a toss-up. So the Texas Tribune’s Jay Root and KUT’s Ben Philpott will talk about where the race stands now and evolution and effect of polls in the 2016 election with Republican pollster Chris Perkins.

And because we’re based here in Texas, we’ll talk about how the national race could-might-maybe-possibly affect politics in the lone star state with Texas Tribune CEO and noted New York Yankees fan Evan Smith.

This week, the Texas Tribune’s Jay Root and KUT’s Ben Philpott tackle some of Donald Trump’s assertions that the polls showing him behind…are wrong. They’ll talk with political researcher and pollster Stefan Hankin to break down the possibility of a bad polling year.

And the state of Texas still appears to be a close race between Trump and Clinton. The Director of the UT-Austin’s Texas Politics Project, Jim Henson, joins us with new polling numbers released this week.

This week, the Tribune’s Jay Root and KUT’s Ben Philpott taped before a crowd at KLRU’s historic studio 6A, former host of the iconic TV show Austin City Limits.

While the crowd was waiting on the 3rd Presidential debate, we want to go beyond the debate and even the election to talk about the future of the Republican and Democratic parties in Texas. So we’ll talk with Burnt Orange Report Publisher Lize Burr and Deirdre Delisi of Delisi Communications about what happens next after this brawl of a campaign.

And because we know some people have been a little stressed out by this election, we’ve invited some local comedians to lighten the mood with some debate humor.

This week, two debates down…one to go. We’ll chat a little about what happened Sunday night and what’s happened since. And while reporters across the country try to make sense of this sometimes nonsensical election – we’ll get some clarity about what’s happening to the parties, and voters with UT-Austin political scientist Victoria DeFrancesco Soto.

This week on the show: The Tribune’s Jay Root and KUT’s Ben Philpott are joined by UT-Austin professor Daron Shaw to go over the history and infamy of the Electoral College. The two will also review the Vice Presidential debate and look forward to Presidential debate #2.

This week on the show: The Tribune’s Jay Root and KUT’s Ben Philpott record the podcast LIVE at the LBJ Presidential Library in Austin just before the September 26th Presidential debate. Ben and Jay get the crowd ready for the debate by reviewing some of the most memorable debate moments in history. UT-Austin Politics Project Director Jim Henson also joins them to talk about how debates have affected Presidential races. And whether the post-debate spin now defines debates more than the actual action on the stage.

This week on the show: The Tribune’s Jay Root and KUT’s Ben Philpott catch up on the big news from the campaign trail. Including Hillary’s health, the Donald’s debate prep, and whether or not Texas is actually in play for the 2016 election.

This week on The Ticket 2016: Donald Trump delivered a 75-minute, 10-point speech on what he would do to change our country’s immigration system. To help you digest the speech, the Texas Tribune’s Jay Root and KUT’s Ben Philpott present another installment of Stump Interrupted, where the two will play segments of the speech and then break in with some analysis and even a little fact-checking.

Then our hosts will talk with Gary Freeman. The UT Austin Professor specializes in the politics of immigration and as written and edited several books on the topic.

This week on the show: Republican Nominee Donald Trump was in Austin to raise money, tape a show with FOX News host Sean Hannity, and hold a rally before thousands of supporters. KUT’s Ben Philpott will guide you through the day with stories and interview from the supporters and protestors following The Donald.