hosted by Ben Philpott & Jay Root

Each week KUT's Ben Philpott and the Tribune's Jay Root provide a rundown
of the week's campaign actions and bring you interviews with people who
make a living working on, covering or commenting on the campaigns.

This week, the Tribune’s Jay Root and KUT’s Ben Philpott taped before a crowd at KLRU’s historic studio 6A, former host of the iconic TV show Austin City Limits.

While the crowd was waiting on the 3rd Presidential debate, we want to go beyond the debate and even the election to talk about the future of the Republican and Democratic parties in Texas. So we’ll talk with Burnt Orange Report Publisher Lize Burr and Deirdre Delisi of Delisi Communications about what happens next after this brawl of a campaign.

And because we know some people have been a little stressed out by this election, we’ve invited some local comedians to lighten the mood with some debate humor.